Carpentry And WoodWorking
806 N. Tioga St., Ithaca, NY • Phone: 607-351-6257

Himalayan Cedar, LLC is a carpentry and woodworking business that provides services in wood and wood repair.  We specialize in small jobs such as fences, decks, cabinets, bookshelves, renovations, repairs, custom furniture and finishing work.  Himalayan Cedar creates carpentry solutions in Ithaca and the Finger Lakes Region.  The Cedar tree grows throughout the world, from the forests of the Pacific Northwest to the Mediterranean, to Asia.  Himalayan Cedar, also known as Deodar Cedar, is a beautiful cedar tree native to Tibet and surrounding Himalayan regions.  The tree is tall and delicate and its wood is scented and has a nice grain.  In Tibet, branches from this tree are used to make incense and its wood is used for traditional Tibetan furniture.